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    About Us

    Volframio is a new and upcoming brand that sells wedding and engagement rings in the material Volfram.

    Please dont hesitate to call or email us for any inquiries.
    +34 672 263 949 or info@volframio.com

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    The Material

    Volfram rings are the most resistant rings in the world.

    Volfram is approximately 10 times harder than gold and 5 times harder than steel and 4 times harder than titanium.

    On the Mohs scale Volfram is nr 9 and Diamonds are 10.

    The Volfram rings is often named "Permanent Polished Rings".

    A Volfram ring will never change in shape.

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    Contact Us

    Calle Rio Benarmagosa nr 7
    29651 Mijas Costa, Malaga
    Phone: +34 672 263 949